Keokodorm Sar


3D Environment Artist

I am a well-rounded 3d Environment Artist with 5+ years of professional experience always looking for new opportunities to create amazing art. I have a very positive attitude and have a huge passion for the work I produce.

Software/Technical Knowledge

Maya-3ds Max- Zbrush- Unreal Engine 4- 3dcoat – World Machine

Photoshop- xNormal –CrazyBump –Quixel Suite

Hard Surface Modeling/Organic Sculpting

Traditional hand painted textures

Work Experience

1/2014 – 3/2015 3d Environment Artist – Sony San Diego Studio – MLB 14/15: The Show

Model and texture environments and props
I helped the environment team transition the art to PS4
Created trees and other vegetation used throughout all the stadiums
Material and lighting set-up for PS4 version
9/2012 - 3/2013 3d Environment Artist - SCEA – Puppeteer (Cinematic)

Modeled, unwrapped, textured environments and props
Worked directly with animators to help maintain pipeline and workflow
Optimized geometry for maximum performance
Reviewed and improved outsourced assets to reach quality bar set by Art Director
11/2009 - 7/2011 3d Environment Artist - SCEA – PlayStation HOME

Created assets for HOME, from skinning/texturing character assets to creating LoDs and collision proxy
Worked on various HOME environments/assets, from initial level block out to final lighting of environments
3d Environment Artist - SCEA - Resistance 3 (Cinematic)
In charge of modeling initial block out of “New York” cinematic segment
Modeled/Textured Hero building asset and numerous secondary buildings
Work directly with Art Directors and clients to maintain art style and quality within a strict time constraint
6/2007 - 3/2009 3d Environment Artist - Bottlerocket Entertainment – Splatterhouse

Modeled and textured props to set dress the environments
Worked with programmers to setup and implement Havok destructible system
Placed and rigged gore FX, props and architecture with Havok properties for destructive and interactive environments
Worked directly with programmers, designers to solve complex problems

9/2003 - 6/2007 Art Institute of California - San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Science in Video Game Art and Design


  • 3D Modeling
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • PBR Texturing
  • Software Proficiency

    3ds Max
    3ds Max
    Quixel Suite
    Quixel Suite
    Unreal Engine
    Unreal Engine
    Substance Designer
    Substance Designer


    3d Environment Artist

    June 2013 - Present | San Diego, United States of America

    Currently working on MLB The Show